Thursday, August 29, 2013

My First Batch of Goat Milk Soap

 My little yearling dairy goat Lily has me a little overwhelmed with milk.  She may be a dwarf dairy goat, but she milks like a much larger doe so I have been challenged to find new uses for her milk.

This week I made my first few batches of goat milk soap.

I started with (Beekman Boys) Dr. Brent Ridge's basic unscented goat milk soap recipe which I found on Martha Stewart's website HERE.  I added a few herbs, raw honey from my bees, vitamin E, and ground oats into the dark bars for me.  Then I ran it through a soap calculator online just to be sure my ratios were good, and Voila!  We have soap. The light colored bars contain a few drops of peppermint oil in them for my hubby.  

The soap still has to cure for a few weeks to be sure the lye has cooked out, but I used to make cold process soap often- and this soap was so mild after initial processing that I was amazed.  

We have soap for a year in under two hours.  

Do you make soap?

What is your favorite soap recipe?

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