Thursday, June 27, 2013

Grand Opening!

Welcome to Three Rivers Farm

This is my new blog.  The place that I will be discussing all things related to animal husbandry and herd management.  I am a newbie to farm living.  I was born a city kid, grew up in the suburbs, and got bit by the "rural living" bug in my thirties after a job took us out to the country to live on a 30 acre dairy farm.  Those were the most exciting years we've spent and I loved every minute of it.

Later, I spent years in college learning about crop science, forage crops, and rangeland management.  With our move to the new farm last December, I have determined to start implementing the skills I developed through all those wonderful farm classes.  It may not be a pretty sight just yet, but things will fall into place.  One piece at a time.

I hope to realize my dream to be attached to the land and animals that feed me, and to treat both with dignity and respect.

Thanks for stopping by the farm. Come again soon!


Babies, babies everywhere, It must be SPRING!

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