Sunday, April 16, 2017

Babies, babies everywhere, It must be SPRING!

Yes my friends, spring is a time of renewal on the farm.  Winter rains cleanse the air, rain moistens soil, seeds germinate and bring forth new life.  SO is the way of things in the animal world too.  So far we have seven new babies this month.  There are a few more does yet to kid before this season is over, and milk test has just begun.

That means show season is also just around the corner, it begins right before our region's linear appraisal.  It's going to be very busy around here for a while and we like it like that.

Here are a few photos of the new kids.  I hope you find them as cute as we do.

Goldie and her new triplets, 2 does, one buck

Elation and her single buck kid Pre-Nup

Macarena and her doe/buck twins

I will share pics of Addy and her beautiful son soon too.