Sunday, April 16, 2017

Babies, babies everywhere, It must be SPRING!

Yes my friends, spring is a time of renewal on the farm.  Winter rains cleanse the air, rain moistens soil, seeds germinate and bring forth new life.  SO is the way of things in the animal world too.  So far we have seven new babies this month.  There are a few more does yet to kid before this season is over, and milk test has just begun.

That means show season is also just around the corner, it begins right before our region's linear appraisal.  It's going to be very busy around here for a while and we like it like that.

Here are a few photos of the new kids.  I hope you find them as cute as we do.

Goldie and her new triplets, 2 does, one buck

Elation and her single buck kid Pre-Nup

Macarena and her doe/buck twins

I will share pics of Addy and her beautiful son soon too.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Jerry's DIY Goat Feeder Plans

Howdy FarmGirls!  

My hubby Jerry is always ready to make my farm dreams come true.  That is especially true when I need another structure to house or feed farm babies.

Last year our herd more than doubled in size and I decided that I needed a strong feeder for my dairy goats. A feeder with a roof to keep the hay dry, and with enough vertical structure to prevent grass hay from slipping through and being stepped on.

Within a few hours Jerry built me this wonderful feeder. He made most of it from scraps and a few lengths of cull lumber from a home improvement store.

This feeder has been a great help.  I have a few more on my list once our new buck barn is finished.  

Here is a drawing I made from my feeder, complete with measurements.  

Please feel free to use the plan to construct your own feeders, and by all means SHARE this post.  I'd really appreciate if you would send me photos/link of your feeder once it's made too.  

DIY IS FREEDOM!  These feeders cost almost $300 around here to BUY.  Jerry built this one using recycled wood, steel, and $7 in culled lumber for the slats.  

Save your money to buy more goats!  That's my motto.  


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