Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Our FIRST Farm Visit from the Vet

Last week we had our first on site farm visit from our new veterinarian.  It was a real learning experience.

My does had sonograms.  Lily is ripe, carrying atleast two babies.  I got to see their little fast pounding heartbeats on the sonogram screen.  That was so cool.

The whole herd had physicals and had their annual lab tests and fecals.

Our Vet called me back yesterday to share the great news.  The herd's fecals were clean.  All CAE and CL test results were negative as well.

The best part for me, the new goat herd owner, was having the vet tell me that she loved our goat house and yard.  It was the cleanest she's seen, and my herd have excellent body conditioning.  Even with Miss Lily pregnant she still looks great.  Thanks to those great Joyful Hearts/Rosasharn genetics.

They came to me starting in April of last year from healthy, established herds, and it feels good knowing that my hard work is keeping them healthy.

Babies, babies everywhere, It must be SPRING!

Yes my friends, spring is a time of renewal on the farm.  Winter rains cleanse the air, rain moistens soil, seeds germinate and bring forth ...