Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year, New Goals

Happy New Year

We've been making steady progress toward a few of our long term goals for the farm.

The goat barn is almost done.

We've placed reservations on two livestock guardian puppies due in spring.  They come from a farm with goats and chickens.  The parents are experienced LGDs.

The goats and I have embarked on a daily exercise ritual.  We spend about 30 minutes each afternoon jogging up and down the mountainside.

Jerry and I have been auditing local stockyard auctions trying to get an idea of the FMV for a few healthy feeder calves.  After talking to a few bovine experts we've got a plan to purchase two calves from a CL/CAE free herd. We just need to find one nearby.

I am taking my DHIR tester training course online this week and have prepared the paperwork to start our first year on milk test.  I am very excited.  I hope Lily earns her star.

Since bringing home our sweetheart buck Trump Card two months ago, we expect Lily to be bred for Easter babies.  I am taking her for an ultrasound in two weeks and I hope to know for sure then.

I plan to have Joyful Hearts CB Adelaide and DesertNanny BE Trump Card linear appraised.  I am still working on finding a host herd within a short drive.

We have plans to repair the irrigation system in the 5 acre pasture above the house and I hope to begin re-mineralizing it and seeding it with good forage for the goats and cows.

The last year has been the best year I can remember.  I learned so much and enjoyed many new and exciting experiences.  I hope that 2014 is full of more new adventures.

Babies, babies everywhere, It must be SPRING!

Yes my friends, spring is a time of renewal on the farm.  Winter rains cleanse the air, rain moistens soil, seeds germinate and bring forth ...